IT Maintenance

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A maintenance contract is an essential part of any business more so with IT, Marsdens offer each customer a specific maintenance contract tailored to their needs. Why pay extra for options that you do not need?
Marsdens offer value added extras that you won’t get anywhere else and pride ourselves on the good relationships we have with our maintenance customers. We have the ability to link in remotely, to anywhere in the UK, to any workstation on a network and quickly and efficiently sort out any problems that may occur, ensuring a swift solution.

When it comes down to your data then correct maintenance of both your hardware and software is vital, all too many people have lost critical business data through not being prepared or covered by a professional. Marsdens Computer Systems Ltd have been dealing with East Lancashires businesses for many years and have the knowledge and expertise to help you prevent such occurrences. We can tailor the package to meet any demand from any customer. We offer a 3 tier service at the moment comprising of a Gold, Silver and Bronze package.

Bronze Maintenance -Bronze level Maintenance is Marsdens Entry level maintenance package offering unlimited phone and email support to customers for a flat monthly fee, If the customer requires remote or an on-site visit this would be charged at an hourly rate agreed between Marsdens and the Customer. Great starting point for smaller companies.

Silver Maintenance -Marsdens Silver level Maintenance takes support that one step further from the Bronze package it includes everything from the Bronze package but with the added bonus of remote support allowing Marsdens to connect directly to the customers server or workstation to resolves issues without any hassle. Once again on-site visits will be charged an hourly rate but at a reduction of 15% as agreed between Marsdens and the customer.

Gold Maintenance – When it comes to maintenance packages the Marsdens Gold Maintenance leaves nothing to chance with complete cover of all hardware and software, including phone, email, remote and on-site support it really does offer you the complete package. Added benefits of the Gold Maintenance package include 24-7 monitoring of your Server, a pro-active cover rather than a re-active cover meaning that Marsdens will not only be aware of any issues that are occurring in your business but they will also be working to eliminate any issues from arising in the first place. Giving you a far more reliable infrastructure to your business. Anti-Virus updates, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office updates along with any other software updates required.