Automated Monitoring





Whether it’s Windows, Linux or OS X, Automated Monitoring allows Marsdensto keep an eye on performance and user experience problems.

See system problems early and fix them fast!

With Automated Monitoring Marsdens will be able to take care of your servers, workstations, networks and applications. Automated monitoring allows Marsdens to stay ahead when it comes to availability, performance and user experience problems. With Autmated Monitoring Marsdens will fix issues quicker and much more easily because we are armed with timely information on system status, allowing us to stop small problems before they become costly and stressful disasters.


Why use Marsdens automated monitoring?

  • Allows us to monitor the key parts of the ‘whole system’ – not just servers.
  • We are notified of any ikey issues directly allowing us to deal with issues before they become disasters.
  • We will be armed with evidence – automated reporting both for us and your use.

Comprehensively manage your customers’ IT using a full spectrum of devices and services.

  • Microsoft Small Business & Windows Servers
  • Linux Servers
  • Microsoft Windows Workstations
  • OS X Workstation Monitoring
  • Network & IP Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring