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Dont Lose Data through unmanaged backups

Server Installation

If you’re tired of managing backups with a mix of products for virtual and physical servers and workstations, Why not talk to us about the options we have from Cloud Backup to All-In -One backup solutions.

MCS Have several options for backup and use only the best solutions available.

Direct-to-cloud backup
MCS Backup was designed from the ground up for fast, efficient, remote backup. You can skip the hassles of configuring local and remote backups, storage provisioning, and storage capacity planning. Instead, your backups go directly to our global, purpose-built private cloud, with backup completion measured typically in minutes, not hours. Best of all, the cost of cloud storage is included in your price.

End-to-end security
Encryption is built into our backup process. Backup data is encrypted at the source, stays encrypted while in transit and at rest.

Single, unified management console
Protect physical and virtual servers, workstations, and Office 365 data, all with a single product. One clean web-based dashboard shows you backup status at a glance, and frees you to check systems, and perform restores, from any location—even from your mobile device.

Secure remote storage for your backup data, worldwide
MCS Backup provides world-class storage for your backup data with around-the-clock security in our data centers located on four continents. Certifications, including ISO, SOC I, SOC II, and HIPAA are available.

Dont Fall Foul to Data Loss?  We can provide you with the answer.

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